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  • Intimate Friendships

    Intimate Friendships

    This is not quite a book review, just a passing note and bloggy check-in. I came across the book, Intimate Friendships by James Ramey, via the Ethical Slut book. It’s a lot harder to find than the Ethical Slut but I was able to track it down to where you can borrow it for…

  • Blocking time and relationship zero

    Blocking time and relationship zero

    My relationship setup means I often spend significant blocks of time with partners – typically days if not weeks. This raises the question of an appropriate way of communicating with non-present partners that avoids a discomforting extended radio silence. There’s no socially-demonstrated protocol for this, and I found myself using ‘gap time’ to catch up…

  • A Path to Poly

    A Path to Poly

    I can confidently say after 15 years of faithful monogamy I’d properly tried it but I guess we were one of the relationship casualties of Covid. I wish I could also say that my entry into polyamory resulted from a long and conscious journey. Truth is, covid hammered the final nail into a decade of…